NIS bases its leading position in region’s power generation market on a constant implementation of novel technologies and a steady improvement of produce and service quality.

Bringing innovations into its operations for NIS is one of the main conditions for progress and development, and its most efficient response to ever-growing market demands swiftly changing along with the emergence of new technologies. NIS constantly modernises its operations in oil and gas business, introduces and perfects new methods of oil and gas extraction, constructs new refining facilities, automates business operations, develops and modernises its retail facilities chain.

NIS business operations are stipulated in the 2025 Corporate Development Strategy, which lays the foundations for further development of the company and boost of its value for shareholders, staff members and the community at large in a challenging macroeconomic environment.

Strategy stipulates areas of NIS development such as further modernisation of its refining capacities, maintaining the indices of oil and gas extraction as well as growth of hydrocarbon reserves, modernisation and formatting its retail facilities chain, construction of new power generation facilities along with keeping its position as region’s leader in the efficiency of business operations. Strategy also stipulates an ambitious investment cycle poising NIS to invest more than US $2.2 billion by 2025.

Key development projects for NIS аre the completion of the „Bottom-of-the-barrel“ project at the Pančevo Refinery and the construction of a combined-cycle power plant, also in the town of Pančevo.