Future Basketball Champions gather in Kikinda

June 3, 2018

The festival, which has been named in honour of citizen of Kikinda and legendary basketball coach Ranko Žeravica for the last three years, was organised by the Basketball Federation of Serbia and Mini Basket Association at the Jezero Sports Hall in Kikinda. Participation in the mini basketball festival was open to boys and girls born in 2007 and later. The festival gathered 25 teams, and more than 30 matches were played. As a part of the programme, a new game called Košarkica was presented, while Tricky, a young man from Serbia who became a YouTube sensation for his freestyle basketball, cheered on the future champions. On this occasion, he showed the young basketball hopefuls the ball tricks and moves that made him famous. A seminar for coaches titled “From Mini Basketball to Basketball” was also organised during the festival. This event was not aimed at gaining victories or winning medals, but instead the happiness of participants and the promotion of friendships and lifestyles required by the sport, with all participants receiving medals and certificates of recognition, and all teams being presented with a trophy. NIS, as a general sponsor of the Basketball Federation of Serbia for a number of years, has supported mini basketball campaigns held throughout our country over the past seven years. In accordance with the corporate slogan “Future at Work”, NIS constantly invests in the development of children and youth sports and the promotion of new talent, team spirit and a culture of non-violence.