Inauguration of NIS Petrol Fueling Station in the Center of Belgrade

December 9, 2016

NIS has participated in landscaping of a wider area around this fuelling station, whereby it has confirmed its responsible attitude towards community and has provided more quality life conditions for this quarter's citizens. Festive inauguration was attended by Mr. Aleksei Chernikov, Director of Sales and Distribution of NIS and Mr. Andreja Mladenovic, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade. This new petrol station was reconstructed on the site of the existing NIS Petrol retail facility, in accordance with cutting-edge global technical standards, whereas value of this investment amounted to almost 128 Serbian dinars.  The fuelling station is open 24 hours; it is of a modern design, aimed at offering the broadest range of services. Its offer includes wide portfolio of high-quality fuel of Euro 5 standard, coming from Oil Refinery of Pancevo, as well as broad range of motor oils. Drivers have at their disposal superbly supplied shop with abundant range of consumer goods, as well as broad selection of coffees to go. The facility has been built in compliance with strict environmental regulations; it is furnished with modern equipment and double multiplex fuel dispensers. NIS Company and the city of Belgrade have had years-long cooperation, and landscaping the surroundings of the petrol station is only one of those joint projects that NIS has implemented within its corporate strategy under the slogan “Future in Action". “Belgrade today is the city which develops rapidly and changes dynamically.  NIS, as the energy leader and a company with the largest retail network in Serbia, has followed this pace and made substantial investments in order to make NIS petrol stations pride of Serbia and its capital.  NIS owns the largest network of petrol stations in Serbia, and we think that a continuous investment in further modernization of our retail network is necessary to provide top-quality service to our consumers. Only in December this year, we will open as much as 6 refurbished petrol stations in Serbia” Alexei Chernikov, Director of Sales and Distribution at NIS stated. “Three years ago, the city and NIS contracted renewal of fourteen sites in Belgrade, areas around petrol stations anticipated for reconstruction. Results are particular and on one hand, we talk about investments, and on the other, landscaping of petrol stations' surroundings, green areas and parks are at issue. It has wider social context and social responsibility. NIS Company has recognized significance of repaying to the community in which it operates. In addition to landscaping green areas around the petrol station, NIS will reconstruct the Djuro Strugar Park, where, together with “Zelenilo – Beograd”, it will build a modern children’s playground with lanes, basketball court and greenery”, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Andreja Mladenovic, said. As a donation of NIS, the first volumes of fuel were filled into the vehicle of the Belgrade Center for Accommodation and Day Care of Children and Youth with Developmental Disorders.