Kiril Kravčenko NIS CEO at the fifth place among 300 most powerful people

February 2, 2012

Daily newspaper "Blic"

Daily newspaper „Blic“ has published a list of 300 most powerful people in Serbia. At 5th position the most powerful people in Serbia is ranked Kirill Kravchenko, CEO of NIS.

Criteria by the which newspaper guided in selecting the most powerful are: financial and political influence, recognition in public, personal authority and authority of the institution they are representing, personal charisma, easy achieving goals. As it is said, in only 2 years, NIS turned from a loser into a company with the highest profit in Serbia - RSD34bn, which is twice more compared to the previous year. NIS also started expanding in the region, companies have been established in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Republika Srpska and several contracts for oil and gas exploration have been signed. In 2011, NIS also became the first Serbian company that opened a representative office in Brussels.