NIS Agro card owners sure to win

September 15, 2017

By making a purchase of at least 30 litres of Euro Diesel or gas oil 0,1, NIS Agrо card holders, at certain NIS Petrol refuelling stations, will receive a card, which warrants a gift. The rich fund of gifts comprises more than a hundred thousand of items, including farming mechanisation, gift fuel cards of 100 or 50 litres,  harvesting equipment, tools. With a view to facilitate agriculture, NIS as Serbia’s leading oil company, has been for four consecutive years providing multiple  discounts  to farmers, who are NIS Agrо card holders. These consumers get a RSD 5 discount per litre of Euro Diesel, i.e. RSD 3 for a litre of gas oil  0,1 throughout the year. NIS Agro card provides additional benefits for cumulative purchases depending on the quantity of the purchased  gas oil, i.e. Euro Diesel, whereby the range of discounts so provided to the NIS Agro card owners may amount up to RSD 12 per litre of standard and premium Diesel fuel, i.e. up to RSD 8 per litre of gas oil 0,1. In addition to gas oil and Euro 5 quality diesel fuel, the farmers, who are NIS Agrо card holders, get discounts of 15 per cent to the range of oils and NISOTEC lubricants, i.e. 20 per cent on the selected fast moving consumer goods. Find out more on this major NIS autumn gift campaign, as well as how to obtain and use  NIS Agro card, at, or call a toll-free number of NIS call centre: 08 0000 8888. NIS Agro card provides multiple conveniences available at one of Serbia’s major fuel retail chains, which offers to  consumers high-quality domestic Euro 5 quality fuel, as well as a vast choice of non-fuel goods or services. Individuals, entrepreneurs or legal persons, who have an active status of the registered agricultural household or farmstead, as well as owners of registered farming mechanisation may apply for NIS Agro card.