NIS facilitated the launch of a digital classroom for Russian language in Titel

March 28, 2019

The ceremonial launch of the digital classroom for Russian language has been graced by the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, Novi Sad School Administration, local authorities, the NIS Company and the management of the “Svetozar Miletić” Primary School in Titel. This new digital classroom for the Russian language is the first multi-media classroom in this school. This completely refurbished and revamped classroom has been outfitted with modern instruction tools, such as a multi-purpose "smart board", a cinema projector and a laptop. In addition to English, the Russian language is the only foreign language taught in this school, classes being attended by all pupils in grades five to eight, around 350 in total. The pupils of this school are regular participants in Russian language competitions organised by the NIS Company. Seeking to give incentive to these excelling pupils, as well as to promote the Russian language in Serbia, NIS, within its “Power of Knowledge” programme, has facilitated the process of outfitting a digital classroom for Russian language in this school. Vesna Knežević, mayoress of Titel, said that this municipality has a long tradition of teaching the Russian language and by deciding to lend support to the Municipality of Titel and its pupils, the Petroleum Industry of Serbia reasserted itself as the leader in socially responsible business operation. „The launch of a digital classroom, outfitted with the state-of-the-art devices and software, is a step into the future for more than 660 pupils in our municipality, who study in the “Svetozar Miletić” Primary School. The children will have an opportunity to perfect their IT knowledge as well as other sciences. Other than that, they will acquire Russian language knowledge in an interesting and easy way. Teaching of this language has been a decade-long tradition in this school. This donation provides an excellent opportunity to promote the spirit of gaining knowledge, perseverance, hard work, dedication and commitment, all these being values indispensable for great results“, Vesna Knežević pointed out. Snežana Lakićević, NIS liaison officer for education institutions, described investments in education as her company’s priority, especially in curricula for studies of importance for its core business. Thus, in the previous period, the curricula for studies in three schools in the town of Pančevo have been tailored for the Pančevo Refinery requirements, and subsequently the classrooms have been revamped to this end as well. “We have funded provision of equipment for the classrooms and laboratories; our cooperation with the Ministry of Education has been exquisite. We have been constantly looking into the needs of the economy, as compliance with the economy demands by the education system is of extreme importance in 21 century. Within the “Power of Knowledge” programme, we have also been monitoring the development of the Russian language and culture. Since 2013, we have organised the Russian language competitions, pupils from the town of Titel being their regular participants. This was the reason to grant this donation to this particular school, in which the children will have an opportunity to learn Russian language and get better acquainted with Russia’s culture“, Snežana Lakićević pointed out. Petar Kojić, principal of the “Svetozar Miletić” Primary School in Titel expressed the gratitude to the NIS Company for this donation, pointing out its multifaceted importance: „Russian language has been taught in the “Svetozar Miletić” School since it had been established. This means for more than a hundred years. We also teach it to all classes scattered around the municipality that are part of this school. The importance of this donation and this classroom is that the interactive black board provides opportunities for multimedia instruction process, which is the future of the study, not only the Russian language, but any other subject and it contributes greatly to the improvement of instruction and getting to know better Russian language and Russia’s culture and making Russian language a household knowledge, not only in school, but in our Municipality at large and beyond it.“ The “Power of Knowledge” programme has been around for seven years and throughout this period the NIS Company has equipped more than 50 classrooms and laboratories in schools and at university departments in Serbia. In terms of the promotion of the Russian language, NIS, as part of the “Power of Knowledge” programme, has so far organised six Russian language competitions, launched more than 10 classrooms and phono labs for Russian language in schools, whose pupils excelled in these competitions. Other than that, three schools in Serbia have started bilingual instruction with the support of NIS, which has also facilitated the set-up of the Russian Studies Centre at the Political Sciences Faculty in Belgrade. The staff has been recruited capable to give instruction in bilingual classes in Pedagogical faculty in the town of Sombor. In 2014, the Russian language competitions organised by the NIS Company were officially made a part of the competition calendar of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.