NIS guarantees supplying of all petrol stations of the company with a fuel resistant to law temperatures

February 3, 2012

NIS has started the production and delivery of diesel motor fuel adjusted for the use at extremely low temperatures to the petrol stations of the company. The need for such action is caused by the fact that Serbia is under extreme weather conditions followed by low temperatures and large amount of snowfall. Priority supply route of diesel fuels resistant to frost which may be used at extremely low temperatures is essential for NIS petrol stations located in the southern parts of Serbia, where the situation is the most critical. In the field of providing services to corporate clients, the deliveries of diesel fuels resistant to low temperatures for the needs of medical institutions and public infrastructure facilities are NIS priority. NIS intends to supply the entire network of petrol stations with diesel fuel adjusted for the use under extreme weather conditions. In addition, the company undertakes to analyse all customer complaints.