NIS showcases best international practice in the area of remuneration and benefits

March 19, 2018

For the fourth consecutive year NIS staged a conference in the area of remuneration and benefits The conference entitled “War for Stars” was held in the Business Center in Belgrade on March 15. The NIS Company, as one of the leaders in the regional energy market, has yet again lived up to its slogan „Future at Work“. More than 150 guests from local and multinational companies embarked on this exciting voyage steered by renowned HR experts to get to know better talents and their strivings, explore the “star treks” of motivation and share experience. This adventure is bolstered by modern business operation conditions, as well as the fact that greatest talents and best staff do not come of their own volition, rather modern-day companies have to make effort to recognize them, recruit and provide conditions for them to shine throughout their entire career. The renowned HR experts of multinational companies were the “Masters” and the “Jedi” of this conference, who guided through the secrets of successful human resources management practice experts in the field, as well as young managers, leaders in their field, so as to ensure they keep inspiring their teams. Experts working for companies such as C-team, EPSI, PWC, Advance International, LQ and Nordeus have introduced the attendees to ultimate trends and developments in remuneration packages, while giving instructions for handling “stars” – the most gifted staffers, from the treatment they expect from the company to what kind of working environment is to their liking. The conference focused on immaterial incentives for staffers, such as flexible working hours, sports activities, career development opportunities, healthy work environment, confidence and staffers’ health care, seeking to make staffers content, buyers satisfied and companies prosperous. During the course of the conference three panel discussions took place, where leading companies’ experts (JTI, Nelt, Societe Generale, Swarovski, Yazaki, PWC and NIS) shared their knowledge and experience, providing to their „fellow-voyagers“ great experience during the voyage through the “galaxy” of remuneration and benefits. Discussion focused on specific vacancies available in Serbia’s market, strategic plan to lure talents and performers, as well as the importance of recognizing which analytical „data-galactics“ we should strive for. Being well aware of the fact that high-quality and motivated staff is the key to success in business, Nis by traditionally organizing the conference in the area of remuneration and benefits seeks to further streamline its human resources practice, along with contributing to the development of the entire HR community. NIS Group employs around 11,000 workers and is one of the most attractive and preferred regional employers whose HR practice is becoming a model for other companies. As one of the leading energy systems in Southeast Europe, NIS is striving for its employees to be leaders in the areas they deal with and to be able to fully meet all the requirements of modern business. Therefore, NIS constantly invests in the professional development of its employees, and for their training. In 2017 alone, the company allocated about 200 million dinars for the purpose.