NIS Supports Serbia’s Mathematics Olympiad

March 31, 2017

NIS Supports Serbia’s 11th Mathematics Olympiad within its “Energy of Knowledge” Programme. A two-day competition held from 31st March to 1st April saw young mathematicians making every effort to qualify for the International Mathematics Olympiad, this year taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 34 competitors, Serbia’s High School students among them, take part at the Olympiad this year. Winners will be known early this May, the best ranking of them, in addition to their qualification for the International Olympiad, are in store for valuable prizes. The ceremonial opening to  Serbia’s  11th Mathematics Olympiad was attended by representatives of  the NIS Company,  Serbia’s  Mathematicians Association, as well as the management of the Belgrade High School of Mathematics. Snežana Lakićević, who is a NIS Liaison Officer for Science and Education, took the opportunity to wish the best of luck to all competitors on behalf of her company. Within its “Energy of Knowledge” Programme NIS has been for five consecutive years facilitating competitions in Mathematics, physics, chemistry and Russian language High School students.  Seeking to promote sciences, the company has so far in a pooled effort with competent associations supported 26 Olympiads of knowledge in sciences and  provided an opportunity for gifted individuals to demonstrate their knowledge at International Olympiads. With a view of acknowledging the contribution to improving the conditions of Serbia’s education system, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development bestowed on the NIS Company a prestigious “Saint Sava Charter”. This is the first time a business entity was awarded this prize.