NISOTEC products provide free emergency roadside service

January 26, 2017

At this juncture, everyone who buys 12 NISOTEC products will be able to get free assistance in case of their vehicle breakdown. All NIS Petrol and GAZPROM refuelling stations as well as all car shops with a broad range of supply, will grant those consumers, who purchase 4 litres of a certain brand of NISOTEC oils for passenger cars, or 10 litres NISOTEC oils for corporate vehicles, a gift voucher giving them an entitlement to benefit from the “Emergency Roadside Service” throughout three months after the activation date. The roadside assistance Gift package comprises an unlimited mileage for vehicle towage in case of a breakdown on the road, minor spot-on car mending, free transportation of all passengers from the vehicle to the vehicle’s destination point, a three-day-long compensation-free storage of the vehicle, as well as a raft of other benefits. For more elaborate information on the “Emergency Roadside Service” campaign that will last up until September 1st, 2017, as well as the list of products comprised by this campaign, please visit this web site. A wide range of NISOTEC oils and lubricants products is made of the best quality raw materials. They are produced in association with world renowned producers of additives and base oils, their use ensuring significant fuel economy, better corrosion protection of the engine automatically extending engine’s service life.