The NIS Network Starts Selling Compressed Natural Gas to Retail Customers in Belgrade

December 7, 2018

With the opening of the first CNG filling station in Serbia’s capital – one of three available across the NIS petrol station network, the company continues its expansion of sales of this fuel which, due to its environmentally friendly properties, is considered by many to be the fuel of the future. As the company operating the largest petrol station network in Serbia, NIS has long recognized the benefits of using compressed natural gas. Apart from its widespread use in industry, this energy-generating product is used as an alternative fuel in all types of motor vehicles, and is called the fuel of the future not only due to its environmentally friendly properties, but also due to its excellent performance in vehicles. Additionally, it is considered the most cost-effective conventional fuel for motor vehicles given that its use, compared to petrol, diesel and liquid petroleum gas, brings with it significant financial savings. NIS was the first large network of petrol stations in the country to add compressed natural gas to its portfolio by starting up a CNG filling station at the “Novi Sad 10” NIS Petrol filling station in 2015 and, one year later, the “Čačak 1” NIS Petrol filling station, where this fuel is available to retail customers. Through the opening of the first CNG filling station in Belgrade, NIS continues investing in the development of retail sales of this environmentally clean energy-generating product. CNG is natural gas that has been compressed at a pressure of 220-250 bar. Its main component is methane which, compared to other petroleum products, has the best CO₂ emission factor per unit of energy released. As well as being offered to retail customers, CNG is also available through NIS wholesale channels.