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Each student will have his/her own mentor who will be in charge of monitoring his/her development and provide support during the period of adaptation to the new professional environment and the realisation of all activities. In addition to practical training, the students will have the opportunity to acquire additional education and develop their skills at the NIS Corporate University, whose guest lecturers are among the most renowned experts in the country and abroad.


Former interns, current colleagues – experienced professionals. Check out their experiences and listen to their helpful advice ;).


Internship from selection to a day at work

Our colleague Aleksandra Savic, a student in practice within the first season of “NIS Calling” program, writes about her experiences

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Questions and Answers

We have tried to predict all the questions you might have concerning NIS Calling Seasonal Internship. Therefore, go to our Questions and Answers section 😉

  • Hello, I am thinking about applying for an internship with NIS. What does “seasonal” internship mean precisely? 😉

    Hello, it means that for several seasons our company will be opening its doors to students for internship in various company’s sectors. Be it summer, autumn, winter or spring, we are always ready to socialise and work with students ?.

  • Who is this internship intended for?

    The internship is intended for undergraduate third, fourth and fifth-year students (studying for a master degree or final year students) in the Republic of Serbia. Likewise, for this new season, the invitation includes freshly graduated students as wells (those who graduated from faculty in the last three months).

  • Can I apply for an internship in whatever season I want? 😉

    Yes, you can. However, we would advise you to keep an eye on our Ads, website and social media as there we will post educational profiles desirable in any particular season ?. For this reason, send your application if you feel that we are addressing you personally.

  • What is the selection process like?

    It is a simple one. Send us your CV and provide answers to the questions contained in the application. If you are short-listed, you will be invited to an interview with our recruiters and to an HR test (Don’t worry, it does not hurt ?). Final selection round is an interview with your potential mentor and manager 😉

  • Will I have my own desk and computer?

    Do not worry. You will have all the conditions and equipment necessary for a high-quality internship in NIS.

  • When it comes to 320 hours of internship, can you tell me what’s the catch here and how many days does it precisely mean?

    There’s no catch 😉 320 hour equals two months of practice, with a five-day workweek and an eight-hour-long workday. Now, you have the chance to use these 320 hours over a period of three months. This means that in the case of exams, faculty commitments and other obligations, you will be able to work a part-time shift or arrange flexible work hours. The time you spend on NIS premises will be arranged by you and your mentor.

  • 320 hours of work, does it include or exclude the rest/break time? 🙂

    Don’t worry, it includes the rest time. However, even before you start your practical training, your mentor will create an engagement plan for you and an approximate working schedule which should include the realisation of certain activities. The plan will be made available to you on the first day of your internship so you will immediately get familiar with the expectations we have of you.

  • Will I be able to “move” from my workplace and visit other NIS locations in Serbia?

    Of course! The first 40 hours of your internship will include getting you familiar with the Company and your co-workers, and once you gain some knowledge of how the work is done, it will be my pleasure to organise a day on the field.

  • May I also give some suggestions concerning the internship plan?

    Of course, you and your mentor will be partners and your cooperation will be based on trust, two-way communication and mutual agreements to keep everyone satisfied ?

  • Can I also offer my ideas and initiate positive changes in the Company?

    That’s what is expected of you ?. We expect you to bring new energy, new ideas, to be someone who will point us to another direction, make us think differently, just as our slogan says #budućnostpočinjesatobom (future begins with you)

  • So, I am not supposed to always wait for my mentor to give me an assignment?

    No matter his/her effort and dedication, the mentor cannot keep track of every minute of your work and your specific task at any given moment. That’s why we encourage you to take a proactive attitude and propose activities and tasks. It will keep everyone happy ?

  • Someone told me that you have your own Corporate University?

    True. The interns will have the opportunity to attend in the lectures and training courses provided by our Corporate University.

  • Will we be paid for the internship?

    We will cover the cost of your transportation and meals at work at the restaurants available in our office buildings.

  • Do you have any suggestions regarding the dress code?

    We recommend smart casual style (google its precise meaning ?), the clothing that makes you feel comfortable, but which is also in accordance with circumstances expected for any given work-day. If you are working or visiting our facilities, we will take care of your dress code in order to ensure you are safe at work.

If you still have any doubts or suggestions concerning the NIS Calling Seasonal Internship, please write to:, specifying in the subject area: “NIS Calling Seasonal Internship”.