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NIS Continues to Invest in Solar Energy


After the first phase of making petrol stations greener, within which solar panels were installed at eight NIS Petrol and Gazprom retail facilities, NIS has continued to invest in the project of installing photovoltaic power plants within its retail network. Thus, solar power plants were installed at seven more petrol stations, which increased the total number of facilities with solar panels within the NIS retail network to 15 stations. The value of the project in the latest phase amounts to RSD 20 million.

It is estimated that in the new seven locations, solar panels will provide annual savings in electricity procurement of 258 megawatt-hours (MWh), while the total savings at all fifteen locations is almost 600 MWh.

Thanks to the energy of photovoltaic power plants at the new seven locations, it is estimated that all fifteen facilities will achieve an annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 600 tonnes.

In the latest phase, solar panels are installed above the dispensing points at Gazprom gas stations: Bagrdan, Nais, Fontana, Vrnjačka Banja, Dunav, and Novi Sad 1, as well as at NIS Petrol retail facility Kruševac 5.

The electricity generated with the help of solar panels is mostly used for the needs of these petrol stations with the placement of occasional surpluses of electricity in the electricity distribution network, since all petrol stations have the status of a prosumer. By setting up solar power plants, NIS continues to implement its green agenda and invest in renewable energy sources, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. In the next phase, the installation of solar power plants is considered on thirty more facilities within the NIS retail network:

“By implementing a new project for the construction of solar power plants at our petrol stations, NIS continues to develop innovative projects in which we show a high level of environmental responsibility. Now that solar power plants are an integral part of 15 petrol stations, we have the opportunity to expand the project to other retail facilities, but also strategic facilities such as the Pančevo Oil Refinery (RNP), business centres Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as oil storage in Novi Sad. We believe that investing in green energy is a kind of maturity test for energy companies, and with this project, NIS has shows its determination to present itself as a responsible company that sets an example to others,” said Mr Nenad Pavlović, Head of the Project Development Center in the Energy Block of NIS.


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