Sponsorships and Donations

As a company prioritising the community and the responsibility towards the community, we are fully devoted to establishing collaborations which are in line with our criteria and values.

We make continuous efforts to enhance the community we live in and provide support to the initiatives encouraging better life quality and living conditions of the people.

Our Committee for Sponsorships and Donations takes more and more initiatives into consideration. When making selections of the projects which will receive our support, we prioritise the projects oriented towards current and actual needs and problems of the population, and having the long-term effect on our community.

As a socially responsible company, we strive to set an example of this type of business, since making investments in the community is the best way to invest in the common future. In our work, based on a clear and efficient system of monitoring the implementation of the supported initiatives, we build a promising future for our community and we enhance our business.

If you want us to consider your request for sponsorship or donation, please provide the following:

If you need help to complete the form, please refer to Guide to completing Donation / Sponsorship Requests.

In case of any request or questions, please contact us at: sponzorstva.donacije@nis.rs.

Please note that donations may be made to government bodies, local self-government units, public enterprises, public institutions, associations and other non-profit organisation and communities, and domestic and foreign humanitarian organisations.

All applicants for sponsorship or donation will receive timely notifications on the adopted decision regarding the project support. If the request is accepted, you will sign a Donation Agreement or Sponsorship Agreement with our company.