Scientific and Technological Centre

The Scientific and Technological Centre (STC) was established in 2009 with the aim to provide scientific and technical support to the core business of the company, ensuring development and innovation in its business operations.

The main asset of the Centre is its staff, six of whom hold Ph.Ds.. Over fifty are highly-skilled experts with master’s degrees, and over a hundred are experts with bachelor’s degrees.

The Scientific and Technical Centre and its qualified and experienced personnel are in charge of the preparation of geological-exploration projects and the estimation of reserves, the processing of seismic data, developing databases and software, as well as well-equipping designs. The central laboratory, which facilitates the preparation of geological-exploration projects through analyses (core analyses, oil and fluid characteristics), is located in the STC as well.

Main activity

Providing scientific and technical support in all stages of exploration and production, from designing and supervising geological-exploration projects to creating models, monitoring development, and designing infrastructure facilities and well arrangement.

STC is engaged in:

  • Design of oil and gas geological exploration projects (geophysics, drilling);
  • Supervising geophysical surveys;
  • Processing and complex geological interpretation of seismic data;
  • Creation of 3D geological and hydro-dynamical models of hydrocarbon deposits;
  • Oil and gas reserves estimation;
  • Design of hydrocarbon deposit development;
  • Analysis and monitoring of oil and gas deposit development;
  • Designing well arrangements, underground gas storage facilities, infrastructure facilities and environmental protection projects;
  • Supervision of the construction of buildings, plants and infrastructure facilities;
  • Laboratory analyses of rocks, fluids, air and soil;
  • Analysis of geological and geophysical information in tender documents and preparation for tendering;
  • Research and development.

The plan is for the Centre to become a regional base, meeting the demands of NIS, Gazprom Neft and their subsidiaries, and to provide external services to third parties.