Common Cause Community

Wishing to encourage the most important matter for one society, NIS continued its focus on the support of the development of children and the young in 2023. It has carefully created a stimulating environment that will help them in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills and developing abilities that are important for raising the motivational capacities and potentials of young individuals, as future agents of development of our society.

In an effort to gain a more comprehensive insight into the priorities of the local communities in which it operates, NIS, in cooperation with local self-governments, conducted a survey on the situation and needs of educational institutions in the territory of 13 cities and municipalities covered by the “Common Cause Community” programme. Local self-governments have identified education as an area that is at the top of investment priorities and expressed the need for the improvement of the work conditions of primary and secondary schools.

NIS has taken into account the results of the survey, as well as the efforts of the state to improve the conditions of education that encourage the stay of young people in Serbia, which is also defined by the new Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Serbia by 2030. Bearing in mind the national priority of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, as well as the opinion of the experts, who also believe that it is necessary to constantly invest in young people and their education, NIS decided to direct funds in the amount of RSD 144.5 million, from the “Common Cause Community 2023” programme cycle, in the field of science and education.

In order to contribute to the strengthening of the educational status of children and the young, the Company will invest these funds in the improvement of the teaching process and infrastructure of primary and secondary school facilities, as well as the improvement of research and innovation capacities and infrastructure of scientific and research organizations and science and technology parks in the cities and municipalities covered by the Programme.

“The real value of a company’s successful operation is in its investment in the future and the community where it operates and exists. In addition to its successful business, NIS is a good corporate citizen, close neighbour and a friend. Common Cause Community programme contributes to the development of Serbia’s municipalities, towns and cities. We take a great pride in witnessing our long-devised ideas and projects coming true to benefit their dwellers. I am confident that new challenges as well as great success is in store for us. Investing in the community is our strategy mainstay. Every step in its progress brings us a step closer to our objectives, because we work together – for the community”.

Kirill Tyurdenev
Sustainable development

Philanthropy and volunteerism

Sustainable development is not only NIS’s strategic objective, it is a fundamental practice we seek to perfect and upgrade the quality of life.

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