Common cause Community

Every country’s pivotal pillar of development is education, and it is instilled in early childhood. Modern-day technologies provide quite evenly spread conditions for education in every corner of the globe, so students everywhere have more or less equal opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills. In addition to streamlining education, schools ought to be places where students feel safe. State-of-the-art gear ensure high-level safety in schools.

In 2020, in a concerted effort with Serbia’s respective ministries, the Company decided to use the funds allocated for completion of projects within the “Common cause Community” project for the realm of education, specifically its digitalisation and state-of-the-art safety and information system in institutions of education.

In view of this, the “Common cause Community 2020” programme cycle is aimed at facilitating projects benefitting the operation of  institutions of education in 12 towns and municipalities of Serbia in line with digitalisation as the national priority and contemporary education tendencies.

In a bid to gain insight in priority needs of institutions of education, the NIS Company, in late 2019 and early 2020, surveyed the conditions and requirements of primary and secondary schools located in 12 towns and municipalities covered by the Programme, in terms of education digitalisation and safety systems.

The survey demonstrated that, due to requirements of education process, the schools need a greater number of digital gear, as well as security and safety systems that are more functional and of better quality.

About the Program

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Program Common cause Community was launched in 2009 in the spirit of corporate social responsibility

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Common cause Community 2019 Results

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