Marine Fuel

NIS supplies river vessels with top quality Euro Diesel at its bunkering stations found along river routes in Serbia.

Our Euro Diesel ensures maximum vessel performance, proper ignition and flawless engine operation.

Our Euro Diesel ensures maximum vessel performance, proper ignition and flawless engine operation. It is produced to the strictest manufacturer specifications, and its quality is fully compliant with European standard EN 590. Customers in transit vessels who get their supplies at a bonded warehouse are able to purchase fuel exclusive of VAT and excise duties, in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Serbia

Four NIS-operated bunkering stations tank up the watercraft on the River Danube – in Novi Sad, Prahovo, Smederevo, Veliko Gradište.

  • Novi Sad on the 1252nd  km of the Danube River course, the „Danube-Tisa-Danube“ Channel, pontoon 1
  • Prahovo on the 861st  km of the Danube River course
  • Smederevo on the 1116th  km of the Danube River course, Jetty # 2
  • Veliko Gradište on the 1059. km of the Danube River course

The state-of-the-art, 165-tons capacity, bunkering station located in the town of Smederevo, not very far from Belgrade, is exclusively intended for refuelling Serbia’s fleet navigating the country’s waterways. A 12.215-tons tank outfitted with tanking technology is the centre of the bunkering operation. The capacity of the bunker station in Novi Sad is 2.000 tons, in Prahovo 7.000 tons, and the one in the town of Veliko Gradište 1.280 tons.

The considerable capacity of the bunkering stations ensures great supply stability, guaranteeing large stocks and smooth service without any delays. To protect the environment, all bunkering stations and their installations are provided with modern ecological equipment, such as floating membranes and skimmers for cleaning up fuel spills from the surface of the water.

NIS’s objective in the coming period is to maintain its leadership position in the bunkering market along the middle Danube and potentially expand the bunkering station network both within Serbia and across the countries of the region.

A professional business policy and flexible payment methods make it possible for us to develop long-term friendly relationships with shipping companies. Two related documents constitute a one-off contract and provide a basis for open and safe cooperation between us and our clients. Please download the Bunker Supply Confirmation and the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

In addition, all of NIS’s bunkering stations offer a wide range of oils and lubricants for vessel engines and ancillary equipment. Please download the General Terms and Conditions for Sale of Oils and Lubricants, as well as the Confirmation of Delivery of Lubricants.

Please send your queries and requests for supplying vessels with motor fuel and oils and lubricants to the e-mail address or contact us by phone:

  • Domestic shipping companies – Nikola Đošan, mob. +381 64 8888985;
  • Foreign shipping companies – Jelena Canić, mob. +381 64 8888383.