NIS has its own service capacities which fully meet the company’s needs and can furthermore render services to third parties. NIS provides services through its subsidiaries NAFTAGAS Oilfield Services and NAFTAGAS Technical Services

Owing to modern equipment and experienced personnel, the Oilfield Services Block has conducted operations in numerous countries abroad (Egypt, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and others). Seismic operations in Romania are currently in progress.

Naftagas Oilfield Services  is involved in the following activities in the field of oil and gas exploration and production:

  • Geophysical exploration – seismic, gravimetric, electromagnetic and geo-electric surveying methods;
  • Drilling, equipping and repair of oil, gas and hydrothermal wells;
  • Special operations and measuring for oil, gas and water on wells – special operations (slickline tools, flexible tubing, nitrogen units), well logging and hydrodynamic measurements, cementing, stimulations and testing

NAFTAGAS Oilfield Services keeps up with NIS in all segments of business operations, from oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration, through drilling, well services and oil and gas refining, to sales and distribution.

NAFTAGAS Technical Services provides maintenance and repair services for facilities and equipment, pipeline construction, installation of technological oil and gas systems, preparatory construction works for drilling and workover. Technical Services covers the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and certified testing and inspection.

Oilfield Services possesses all the necessary equipment, plants and transportation vehicles to successfully carry out the above duties.

Ensuring the highest quality of services, increasing technical and technological efficiency, and boosting the workload of NIS and other companies are Oilfield Services’ prioritizes. The objective of Oilfield Services is to increase its presence in the region and upon the international market.