Compressed gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is considered by many to be the fuel of the future because of its environmentally friendly characteristics.

Natural gas is compressed primarily for the purposes of easier transportation and storage.

Its main ingredient is methane, which has the smallest CО₂ emission coefficient value per unit of released energy when compared with other petroleum products, and as such contributes to the improvement of air quality.

CNG is manufactured at the newly-constructed NIS plant at the Ostrovo gas field. The procedure of compressing natural gas under high pressure and loading it onto special vehicles filled with batteries of cylinders is technically safe owing to the tailor-made compressors.

It is used as an energy source for production processes and heating in industry, as well as an engine fuel for internal combustion engines. It is seen by many as the ‘fuel of the future’, because of its environmentally friendly properties, excellent vehicular performance, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, compressed natural gas enables an easier start-up and gives better engine performance.

NIS is the first large petrol station network in the country to include compressed natural gas in its product range, thus confirming once again its position as market leader in innovation for Serbia and the region.

NIS’ “Novi Sad 10”, “Čačak 1” and „Žarkovo 2“ petrol stations are currently this product’s retail points. NIS continues to develop this activity further, planning to make this form of fuel available in the future to its customers at numerous locations.