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In this area, NIS has set highly ambitious goals – zero workplace injuries and professional illnesses and zero negative impact on the working and natural environments. NIS’ employees and its contractors, partners and visitors to NIS’ sites must comply with the prescribed safety regulations – in this way, the company strives to contribute to the development of a safer workplace culture in Serbia. NIS is also prepared to implement the best global practices in this field in collaboration with its partners. In order to improve the level of occupational safety, the company has implemented 12 Golden HSE Rules which must be followed by all employees and others who visit NIS‘ sites, and the HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) system was incorporated in all of the company‘s business processes.

The standards and current practices applied by NIS exceed the existing legal obligations in the field of occupational health and safety. By winning the state-wide competition held on 28 April 2019 to mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work, NIS yet again confirmed its commitment to occupational health and safety.

NIS‘ efforts to protect the environment are reflected in its sustainable use of natural resources, identification of environmental risks, reduction of the impact of production on the air, water and land, environmental monitoring, improvement of existing processes, and investments in environmental projects in accordance with BAT (Best Available Techniques). In 2018, NIS invested RSD 320 million into environmental projects, which were implemented in all business segments.

Responsibility in this field will remain one of the main priorities of the NIS Group, at the forefront of business principles.In 2018, NIS began implementing its HSE Culture Improvement Programme, which will last three years, with training modules spanning five key areas.


Healthcare of employees

In the field of occupational safety and health, our company sets the most ambitious goal – zero injuries at work and zero occupational diseases.

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Environmental protection, industrial safety and occupational

Safe working conditions for all employees and business partners are one of the strategic goals of NIS, because it strives to constantly reduce the number of inj

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Environmental protection

Environmental protection in NIS implies sustainable use of natural resources

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