Benefits to our Team Members

We provide numerous benefits to our team members

Some of them are collective insurance, voluntary retirement insurance, free sports and recreation, training and training, shopping discounts, organizing employee events and consistently implementing state-of-the-art employee-based reward systems.

In addition, we take care of the health of employees and their families through the provision of regular medical check-ups, and other benefits and discounts.

I Have an Idea

To make the company’s operations even more efficient, NIS has launched an “I Have an Idea” motivation program, which enables employees to come up with ideas that can improve the company’s operations.

As part of this program, employees contribute to the business by suggesting ideas that could help increase company efficiency. With their participation, they can also bring personal benefits; the essence of this call is for employees to be innovative in finding ways to improve their business processes. The program involves cash and valuable material rewards for the implementation of workable ideas, active involvement of management and a rapid process in their evaluation and development, which is the most important link in its implementation.

Since the beginning of the program, more than 1200 ideas have been proposed with the aim of making the Company even more efficient.

Milos Aleksić, Leading Engineer for Oil and Gas Production Technology

– I am employed at the Technology Analysis Office for wells. In other words, I work at the heart of the oil industry. As part of the “I Have an Idea” program, I have proposed a project that has been applied to our wells and I am glad that in this way, I have contributed to greater efficiency and cost savings, and therefore to the improvement of the Company’s operations, which is the aim of this action.