Oilfield Services

NIS has its own servicing capacities, which meet the Group’s demands and allow NIS to provide services to third parties.

Services Block provides oil and gas exploration and production services through geophysical surveying, well construction, completion and workover, and performance of special operations and measurements on wells.

In addition, Services Block provides equipment maintenance services and builds and maintains oil and gas systems and facilities. Apart from rendering freight transport and equipment operation services, it also provides passenger transport and vehicle rental services.

Owing to modern equipment, continuous investment in the modernization of equipment and its experienced personnel, the Services Block has carried out projects in numerous countries around the world (Egypt, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, etc.). It has operated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Russia.

In this business segment, the objective is to strengthen NIS’ presence in the region and the international market, which is why priorities are modernization of equipment, ensuring the highest quality of services, increasing technical and technological efficiency and boosting the workload in NIS and other companies.