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Corporate website is used to inform the public of the company's activities in a timely and accurate manner. The corporate website provides information for investors, updates on the most important development projects, information on the company's activities in the field of social responsibility, employment opportunities and open tenders and procurement procedures. 

The corporate website contains two sub-sections:

Client sites

Our client sites contain information about the location of our gas stations, the range of products and services, and the promotions in the largest retail network in Serbia.

In the region:
In Serbia and the region:

Social networks

Corporate accounts

User profiles

  1. On the road with us

  2. On the road with us

  3. G-Drive Serbia

  4. On the road with us

  5. G-Drive Serbia

  6. Gazprom and NIS Petrol gas stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  7. Gazprom and NIS Petrol gas stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina



The Drive.Go mobile application offers the possibility of contactless payment at the pump. NIS Petrol and GAZPROM networks are the first in Serbia to offer this service.

Download the app at:

On the road with us

Mobile application for the On the road with us loyalty program (Sa nama na putu), where clients can check the status of their bonus account.

Download the app at:

MTenderi mobile application

News about current tenders, qualifying competitions and auctions conducted by the company.

Download the app at:

Gazprom card

Mobile application for corporate clients who use GAZROM fuel cards.

Download the app at: