Training and Development

In order to improve our business, continuous improvement of our people is crucial.

Our goal is to always have ready, motivated and trained employees.

Through NIS Corporate University, professional training, as well as a structured approach to talent development, we strive to give each employee the opportunity to actively work on their personal development and grow with us.

We offer a developed training system for all levels of employees (from starting positions, specialists, experts to managers at all levels). In addition to the vocational-technical, legally required trainings, employees are sent to trainings aimed at improving managerial and leadership skills, as well as to conferences, seminars whose topics are important for the Company’s business.

NIS Corporate University

Our university encourages continuous learning, improvement of business, managerial and leadership skills and career development of all employees in accordance with world standards.

The content of each program of our university is the result of cooperation with renowned business schools from the country and the region, partners for training and development and defined leading lecturers from different parts of the world.

Professional training

The development of professional knowledge and skills is realized through:

  • Technical training in specific business areas
  • Mandatory training and licenses
  • Foreign language learning programs

Employees are given the opportunity to participate in international projects, seminars and conferences whose topics are relevant to the company’s operations. In order to transmit best international practice and obtain international work licenses, we cooperate with lecturers and organizations, experts in their fields.

Employee Development

In 2015, NIS was awarded the Most Complex Talent Development Approach, and in 2016, the company won the first Talent Management Award in Serbia by Stanton Chase in a race with recognized international companies operating in Serbia.

The award is crowned by NIS’s good talent management practices, such as: evaluating nearly 8,000 employees for corporate competencies that underpin an employee’s potential and further development plans, internal assessment and development centres (AC/DCs) that enable more objective decision-making in related to development needs and promotion of employees, succession planning process and individual approach to the development of key employees through individual development plans, career models specific to each business Block which transparently presents the steps and preconditions for career advancement and renowned Corporate University programs that prepare employees for each the next level in the Company.