Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution includes foreign and domestic trade, retail of petroleum and other related products, as well as the wholesale of petroleum products.

As separate businesses, NIS develops the supply of aviation fuel, bunkering, sales of lubricants and bitumen. All fuel types are subject to rigorous and regular quality controls and they comply with domestic and international standards.

NIS operates the largest retail network in Serbia and its petrol stations are active in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania as well. In Serbia and in the region, NIS operates a network of over 400 retail sites and markets two brands: NIS Petrol and GAZPROM petrol station premium brand.

Lubricants represent one of the key areas of the NIS’ ‘non-fuel’ business and they are of great importance for the increase in brand recognition and customers’ loyalty. The lubricant business includes production, sale, development and marketing of lubricants and technical fluids.


Petrol Stations

NIS owns more than 400 petrol stations in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria.

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