Healthcare of employees

In the field of safety and health at work, our company sets the most ambitious goal - zero injuries at work and zero occupational diseases.

Care for employees, improvement and protection of health, improvement of working environment conditions, prevention and prevention of injuries at work, occupational diseases and illnesses related to work, promotion of a healthy lifestyle are only one of the tasks of the HSE Function.

Preventive health care of employees in the Company is carried out in accordance with the Legal Regulations, normative-methodological documents and requirements of the Company, the valid Act on risk assessment for each individual workplace and the application of Good Practice in the Industry and includes the following sub-processes and procedures:

  • program of medical examinations of employees;
  • analysis of illnesses, absences from work, injuries at work of employees in the field of preventive medicine at the corporate level;
  • control, prevention and prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction at the workplace;
  • Training of employees for providing first aid, rendering emergency aid to persons injured and ill in the work process, as well as emergency medical evacuation;
  • health education awareness raising campaigns
  • investigations of events related to deterioration of health, cases of disability and consequences, caused by injuries at work;
  • control over the prohibition of smoking in the workplace, as well as the promotion of healthy habits;
  • prevention and rehabilitation program for employees in jobs with increased risk, etc.

Program of medical examinations of employees

In order to monitor the health status of employees in accordance with legal regulations, requirements and conditions of workplaces, in order to prevent occupational and work-related diseases, as well as other current diseases of the modern age, the Company organizes a wide range of medical examinations: previous and regular periodic examinations for work places with increased risk, examinations for work with sources of ionizing radiation, examinations of drivers, voluntary systematic and specialist medical examinations, vision control, sanitary examinations, as well as targeting screening examinations. In accordance with good practice, the Company has determined a mandatory minimum of medical examinations for all employees, i.e. a unified scope of medical examinations for workplaces with increased risk and for administrative workplaces.

Control of alcoholism and drug addiction in the workplace

In order to prevent and prevent alcoholism and drug addiction at the workplace, the Company conducts regular and extraordinary controls on the use of alcohol among the Company’s employees and other persons on the Company’s territories and facilities.

First aid and emergency medical evacuation

Promptly and properly administered first aid to an injured or suddenly ill employee more often than not can save their lives. The aim of providing first aid is to remove the cause that threatened the life of the injured, to bring the injured/suddenly ill to life, to care for and ensure the safe transport of the injured and sick so that they reach the health facility in the best possible condition where they will be provided with professional medical assistance . Provision of first aid at the Company’s work locations organized in such a way that first aid is available to every employee during working hours, in all shifts and at all locations. The Company also conducts specialized training for providing first aid due to deterioration of health caused by heart problems and other life-threatening conditions, a large number of employees are trained in handling a defibrillator. As part of the electronic training, a series of films on providing first aid in life-threatening situations was prepared.

Disease prevention programs

The Company’s locations and facilities are provided with Automatic External Defibrillators for providing assistance – cardio resuscitation in cases of cardiac arrest; devices for regular blood pressure control are provided at over 70 repair and drilling facilities; extended medical examinations regarding the early diagnosis of heart problems.

As part of the prevention of musculoskeletal problems, films were made on the prevention of a sedentary lifestyle: “Exercise in offices” and “Exercise at gas stations”, pilates balls for sitting in offices in combination with chairs were provided.

In the Company’s business facilities, modern alternative ways of eating are introduced, as well as employee education about the basic necessary foods and alternative ways of eating.

Educations are conducted on maintaining health in the period of various life ages: prevention of women’s health and early detection of changes and cancerous diseases; prevention of urological problems and physiological changes in men’s health; Anemia as a disease of modern times.

In order to prevent the impact of stress on the health of employees, lectures and workshops on mental health prevention are held.

HSE campaigns were carried out through direct discussions of experts with employees and contractors of the Company, the implementation of specific activities in the field, as well as the creation and distribution of educational posters, brochures and newspapers.


The HSE system (Health, Safety, Environment) is a part of every business process in our company

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