About Procurement for Suppliers

Competitive selection of suppliers is a priority of NIS. The competitive selection is based on analysing multiple bids and choosing a supplier that offers a proposal both technically acceptable and optimal in terms of price, terms of delivery, warranty period, collaterals or additional benefits for the company.

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Organization and structure of Procurement Function

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Supplier performance management

Cooperation development and a positive growth of business relations.

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“We expect our suppliers to be as committed to occupational health and safety as we are”

We choose to work with socially responsible companies, which means that we follow principles of transparency, fair competition and business ethics. We expect our suppliers to be as committed as we are to occupational health and safety, environment protection and positive impact on environment and natural resources.

We help our suppliers establish business connection both with each other and with global partners of GPN group with a view to accomplish common results.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about procurement

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Sales and lease of assets

Sales of assets at NIS a.d. Novi Sad

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