NIS Group is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in Southeast Europe

Our goal is to set an example for others in terms of business efficiency and sustainable development dynamics, and to provide new values for our shareholders, employees and the community  in which we operate under challenging macroeconomic circumstances.


Basic Information on NIS

Today, NIS is one of the most successful companies and the largest budget provider in Serbia.

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Our Business


Research and production, oil and natural gas refining, sales and distribution of petroleum products, realization of projects in the fields of energetics.

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Customers recognize us for our top of the line service and products. Constant increases in internal efficiency, high level of development dynamics and implementation of new technologies in all spheres of business are what makes us modern and contemporary. We are recognized as a successful international company because we respect the highest standards and business ethics. Caring for nature and the community in which we operate shows a high level of our social responsibility. Quality in all spheres is the direction in which we are heading.