A Conference on Chemical Safety Held at NIS

March 22, 2012

On Thursday, March 22nd, at the Office Building of NIS in Novi Sad, the First Regional Conference on Chemical Safety and Occupational Health was held, with reference to Prevention, Preparedness, and Response to the Industrial/Chemical Accident. In the presence of competent republic, provincial, and city authorities, as well as institutions and experts in this field, Stanislav Dedovac, the Director of  Department of Industrial and Environmental Safety, Occupational Safety and Health of NIS, also gave a presentation. He informed the Conference participants on the method of hazard assessment for chemical accidents and contamination of the environment at Pancevo Oil Refinery, and measures established for elimination of potential consequences. Moreover, it was emphasized that the application of the new HSE system and Policy at NIS, which involve adopting new standards and directives, training of the employees, risk management, increased responsibility, supervision and audit, last year resulted in improvement in this field and reduction in the number of occupational accidents and injuries. The Conference participants were also Hungarian experts, who reported on their experience and adjusting regulations to the EU Norm, as well as the Occupational Health Institute Novi Sad.