Aerial Bomb Deactivated at NIS Storage Facility in Smederevo

November 21, 2012

On November 14, an expert Bomb Squad dismantled a NATO missile from 1999. Mark 83 aerial bomb, three metres in length and 477 kilograms in weight was found six metres below the central storage facility. The complex operation of finding and extracting the missile was done by a team of expert pyrotechnicians, supervised and coordinated by NIS experts and Bomb Squad specialists from the Civil Defence Directorate, Emergency Situation Sector at the Ministry of Interior, Republic of Serbia. The bomb was dismantled and transported to the bomb disposal unit where it will be neutralised. Representatives of NIS and of the Serbian Ministry of Interior-Emergency Management Sector informed the media about the successful response action at the storage in Smederevo Timely response by NIS eliminated any threat to the community and the environment, and it was determined that no missiles remained in the storage facility area. NIS initiated and completed this activity in complete compliance with all the safety measures. This showed a high level of responsibilities and commitment to NIS employees and the community. Мк-83 Aircraft bomb Deputy head of the Emergency Management Sector in the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, Djordje Babić