Another top-notch gas station launched on the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway

August 15, 2019

Built to meet the highest security and environmental standards, this modern facility, which employs 23 staff, is a unique blend of cutting-edge digital technology and innovative retail solutions. This is also one of the most modern gas stations in the GAZPROM network, not only in Serbia but also in the global market. With a wide range of top quality petroleum products and complementary goods, as well as ancillary services, this facility guarantees consumers a unique user experience that makes the GAZPROM brand recognizable. The "Stari Banovci" petrol station is the 22nd retailer of NIS's premium brand in our country. This is also the second fuel supply station equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology that NIS has opened in Serbia. The first such facility, also under the GAZPROM brand, was opened in mid-May on the Belgrade-Nis highway near Velika Plana. In this way, NIS continues to firmly implement its Development Strategy until 2025, in which the modernization of the retail network is one of the key areas, and in these two modern facilities NIS has invested almost 570 million dinars. The petrol station "Stari Banovci" is equipped with five "islands" with multifunctional fuel dispensers, as well as multimedia screens and panels where consumers can get informed about current offers. Dedicated to the introduction of new technologies in the field of energy in the domestic market, NIS has provided its customers with a charger for electric vehicles at this facility. Additional amenities include an outdoor garden, a children's playground, a fitness area with exercise equipment, and a solar charger for mobile phones. Consumers can refresh their energy to continue the journey in the modern ambience of the Drive Cafe restaurant with great gastronomy. Alexei Chernyikov, Director of NIS Sales and Distribution Block stated: "With the construction and start-up of the "Stari Banovci" petrol station, we are best implementing the business vision of NIS. It is one of the most modern refuelling stations in the region where consumers can find top quality products and services, as well as good energy to continue the journey. This facility is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology and we are thus continuing the accelerated modernization of our retail network of more than 400 stores in Serbia and the region. I would like to emphasize that NIS will continue to develop and modernize its retail network in the coming period as our consumers deserve the best, ‚ÄĚChernykov said. On the occasion of the opening of this unique petrol station, NIS has provided convenient gifts for consumers, users of the "Together on the Road" loyalty card, who buy at least 30 liters of any petroleum product by August 18. In the markets of Serbia and the region, NIS operates a network of over 400 filling stations in two retail brands, NIS Petrol and GAZPROM. In addition to Serbia, NIS's premium gas station brand GAZPROM also operates in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania. Carefully selected offering top quality fuels, non-fuel goods, as well as constant service and product enhancements, GAZPROM filling stations are geared towards meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.