Anton Fedorov, NIS CFO, Gave a Lecture at FOS

May 22, 2013

Anton Fedorov, NIS CFO, Director of Function for Finance, Economics, Planning and Accounting, delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Belgrade. Mr. Fedorov presented the NIS business structure and results to students through the lecture titled "NIS Business Results and Finance and Economics Operations". Furthermore, Mr. Fedorov explained the organisation and business activities of finance and economics departments at NIS, one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in South-East Europe. - Our goal was to present our company's structure and work organisation of the Function for Finance, Economics, Planning and Accounting to Serbian students and help them choose the area which suits them the most - said Mr. Fedorov. The guest lecture is a part of the Energy of Knowledge project which seeks to update and support the academic programme and introduce students to NIS business processes, as well as to provide opportunities on how to apply theory into practice.