At the Car Show in Belgrade, a wide range of services at Gazprom’s petrol stations is presented

March 24, 2014

Daily newspaper „Dasnas“ At the Car Show in Belgrade, a wide range of products and services that Gazprom petrol stations provide to their customers was presented. Restaurants have an excellent gastronomic offer, dishes prepared with fresh and quality ingredients, and a great selection of drinks and coffee. "Gazprom petrol stations are intended for the most demanding customers. In addition to high quality fuels that come from our refinery in Pancevo, which is at the moment one of the most modern refineries in the region, at Gazprom petrol stations we also have an excellent offer in restaurants, as well as a wide range of domestic and foreign products and items. In addition to standard services, at a large number of gas stations, we also offer currency exchange, ATM, car wash and a playroom for children," said Mladen Vasic, director of the Marketing Directorate of the Distribution Block of NIS.