At the Energy Fair NIS Presented New Technologies and Innovations in All Business Areas

October 10, 2013

This year, at the 9th International Energy Fair, NIS presented a concept of introduction of new technologies and innovations in all business areas ranging from the exploration and production to the refining, sales and distribution, as well as the corporate management. Interesting visual presentation of up-to-date technological solutions enabled the visitors of the NIS exhibition counter to learn about the NIS' new concept of development of innovative and scientific and technological activities. Nikolai Zalewski, Director of Scientific-Technical Center, spoke about the management of new technologies, and innovation in all spheres of NIS Milan Loncarevic, Advisor to the Director of Research and Technology Center presented a pilot project to adapt and test technology of drilling wells of small diameter Project conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources presented by Mark Larsen, manager for unconventional resources NTC The Science and Technological Centre (STC), which operated within the company and is at the core of the NIS' innovations, was also presented its achievements at the Fair. The STC gave a presentation of "New Technologies and Innovations", and showed some of its key projects where it applies up-to-date technological solutions for oil and gas exploration: • Slim hole drilling • Methods of exploitation of non-conventional resources of hydrocarbons • Additional explorations of the exploratory site of heavy oil in Gaj • Horizontal well drilling in NIS fields As specified in the adopted Plan of Scientific and Exploratory and Development Works, specialists employed in the Scientific and Technological Centre shall implement 28 innovative projects by 2015. Additional information: -In the period from 2011 to 2012 NIS formed the Scientific and Technical Expert Council for management of innovative and technological development in all business areas. -Thanks to optimization of the production and introduction of new methods of exploitation, in the last four years the scope of oil production increased by 1.3 million tons. -In the same period more than two thirds of the retail network was reconstructed or rebranded. -Energy savings in the amount of 11.8 million euros were achieved in the area of refining last year. -NIS is the company to launch investments in wind farms in Serbia for the first time ever. As of this year, "Plandište" Wind Farm, with the power of 102 megawatts, will include a new method of selection of sponsor and donor projects for the purpose of providing more efficient help to the development of local communities where the Company does business. NIS will support 144 projects in ten cities in Serbia; the value of the signed agreements is close to one million euros.