Belgrade Mayor Hosts Reception for NIS scholarship holders who graduated from prestigious universities in Russia

August 26, 2019

NIS was represented at the festive event by Vadim Smirnov, Deputy Director General of NIS and Director of the Function for Relations with Government Bodies and Corporate Communications, and Snežana Lakićević, Advisor to the Deputy Director General of NIS. The reception was organized for students born in Belgrade and were given an opportunity to study at prestigious universities in the Russian Federation as scholarship holders of the NIS Corporate Program "Energy of Knowledge". After graduation, all scholarship holders are awaiting employment at NIS. At the reception with the Mayor of Belgrade were: Anđela Avramović, Irena Gorjanc, Dušan Jakovljević, Luka Perišić, Rastko Rašajski and Jovana Karanović. Welcoming the scholarship recipients, Radojicic emphasized that knowledge, cooperation and success are celebrated today while at the same time toasting the future. "We send the message that education is important, that we have young people who know in their value system that they value high schooling, and that we have young people who have completed their studies at recognized world universities. At the same time, we must not forget how many successful and recognized world scientists came from Russian universities. These six young Belgraders were in Russia, successfully completing their schools, and scholarships were provided by a socially responsible company, NIS. As a society, we have to make sure that these young people stay in Belgrade and Serbia and achieve their business and private success here, "said Mayor Radojicic. He expressed his gratitude to the Deputy Director General of NIS, Vadim Smirnov, for providing funding for both the education of talented students and the competitions of young mathematicians, physicists and chemists at the World Olympiads. "The City of Belgrade and NIS have excellent cooperation and many joint projects with a common goal - to improve the quality of life of Belgrade citizens. I am convinced that we will continue great cooperation and that we will be celebrating new successes very soon, ”concluded the Mayor of Belgrade. Deputy General Director and Director of the NIS Relations and Corporate Communications Function, Vadim Smirnov, recalled the successful cooperation with the City of Belgrade, as well as joint programs such as "Common Cause - Community" and " Energy of Knowledge". “Here we see six students from Belgrade, who have acquired competencies and knowledge in the extremely difficult oil and gas field, and have been provided with NIS jobs come September. If there is such a problem and young people are leaving the country, then this is the direction that not only NIS but other companies should go. There are six students from Belgrade in the group of 18 from all over Serbia, while at the colleges in Russia there are currently 30, and through the whole program over the past six years, 90 of the best Serbian students have passed and these are significant figures. These young people were not only the best students from Serbia, they were the best students in all of Russia. Most of them have received diplomas with honors and the Serbian education system can be proud of such results. We will continue our cooperation with the City of Belgrade, where we have a Business Center, inhabited by more than 2000 people, we have about 40 refuelling stations and we are proud of what we can give back to the community, "Smirnov emphasized. Anđela Avramović and Irena Gorjanc graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Mining, Faculty of Oil and Gas Engineering, majoring in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. With the support of NIS, Irena Gorjanc will continue her master studies in Russia, while Angela Avramovic starts working in NIS from September. Dušan Jakovljević, Luka Perišić, Rastko Rašajski and Jovana Karanović graduated from the Russian State University of Oil and Gas "I. М. Gubkin ", at the Faculty of Petroleum and Gas Engineering, department" Development and exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs ". Dušan, with the support of NIS, will continue his master studies in Russia as one of the best students, while the other three fellows will become part of the NIS team of about 11,000 employees as of September. “Studying at one of the most prestigious universities in Russia was a great honor for us, but also a challenge, because we tried to represent our country as much as possible, but also to justify the trust shown by NIS. Starting in September, we start working at NIS and hopefully we will be able to apply the knowledge gained during our studies, as well as the summer internship that is provided to us every year, "said scholarship holder Jovana Karanović. Dušan Jakovljević, also a NIS scholarship holder from Belgrade, agrees with his colleague that it was an honor and a pleasure to study in Russia as a NIS scholarship holder and as part of the Energy of Knowledge project. "NIS also gave me the opportunity to continue my master studies in Tyumen, on a program designed by Gazprom Neft, called conceptual engineering. I want to thank NIS for giving us the chance to study, not to worry about getting a job and the like, but to be free to do science, what we love and want and make sure that when we get back , being able to work in our city and contribute to the community, "emphasized Dušan Jakovljević. NIS, through the Energy of Knowledge program, grants scholarships to students in Serbia and the Russian Federation. Over 90 students have passed through the scholarship program, of which 30 scholarships have been awarded for studying at prestigious Russian universities. The first generation of NIS scholarship holders in the Russian Federation graduated in 2018 and eight are already employed by the company. This year, 18 more scholarship recipients have graduated, six of whom are continuing their master studies in Russia, while the rest will start working at NIS from September. After completing elementary or master studies, all NIS scholarship holders are guaranteed employment at the company to return to their home country and start building their professional careers. The Energy of Knowledge program, launched in 2012, involves collaboration with schools and scientific societies, universities and colleges in Serbia, the region and the Russian Federation, as well as individual programs - student scholarships. Scholarships are awarded for studies in Russia for: Russian State University of Oil and Gas “I. М. Gubkin ", St. Petersburg University of Mining, Tyumen Industrial University, Uchtin State Technical University and National Research State Nizhny Novgorod University" N. I. Lobachevski ”. In January 2019, during a visit by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, to Serbia, NIS signed Memoranda of Understanding with the University "I. М. Gubkin ”and the St. Petersburg University of Mining, as well as new Memoranda of Understanding with the University of Belgrade and the University of Novi Sad. In addition to these agreements, the University of Belgrade signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the St. Petersburg Mining University, and the University of Novi Sad with the Gubkin University. In May this year, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between NIS and MGIMO University in Moscow, as well as between the University of Belgrade and MGIMO University. NIS cooperates with 13 faculties of the University of Belgrade, invests in the development of educational infrastructure, reconstructs and equips classrooms and laboratories in schools and colleges. The Faculty of Mining and Geology of the University of Belgrade modified and accredited study programs of interest to the company's business processes. In 2018, with the support of NIS, the Center for Russian Studies was opened at the Faculty of Political Science.