Belgrade to benefit from NIS “Cooperation for Development”

July 1, 2014

Before the year’s end a total of RSD 20 million will fund various projects in Belgrade with a view to improve the city’s economy and social life. NIS has earmarked the funds within its “Cooperation for Development” social responsibility programme. The allocation of these funds is stipulated in the contracts signed by NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko and the mayor of Belgrade Siniša Mali with citizens’ associations that are to deliver these projects in the capital with NIS support. Thus, NIS will facilitate “Zemun Environmental Movement” overhaul of a children park in Busija, a suburban borough. Železnik will get a proper playground with amenities complete with a trim trail, fitness equipment, a bandstand and other facilities. The programme also devised orientation training for young mountain-climbers on the Avala Mountain. NIS will facilitate workshops within the Mixer Festival, while the most prominent feature of the next Nights of Museums will be the completely overhauled Car Museum, a unique exhibit in the whole south east Europe. These are some of a total of 15 projects supported this year with in NIS public competition. For its complete results you may refer to: An expert jury made up of the representatives of NIS and Belgrade officials pursued a balanced support to projects in sports, culture, science, environmental protection, as well as assistance to socially vulnerable groups. Other than that, guidelines for jury’s decision to allocate funds for a project were the evaluation of its significance to address specific problems, budget justification regarding the anticipated activities, the relevance of issues addressed by projects for the requirements of local community and finally the coherence of set goals, proposed activities and anticipated outcome. NIS “Cooperation for Development” social responsibility programme has been facilitating the local communities’ development throughout the recent six years. The programme has been improved last year by introducing open competitions for funds allocation. Since 2009 more than 450 projects that supported local communities’ development have been funded with a view to improve operation of numerous institutions and bring progress to culture, education and sport. Year in, year out the funds allocated have been growing, which doubled the quantity of projects in competition this year compared to the previous one. In its “Cooperation for Development” NIS allocated more than RSD 680 million between 2009 and 2014.