Benefits for Customers at a Refurbished NIS Petrol Filling Station

April 23, 2015

Refurbished NIS Petrol filling station "Vasa Pelagic" in Senjak On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, customers at this retail facility will get a free coffee if they make a purchase over RSD 1,500. In addition, all customers who happen to be at the facility on Friday will get free branded Aromatic and NIS Petrol chocolate bars. Just like at all NIS Petrol retail facilities, customers at Vasa Pelagić filling station will be able to fill up top-quality petroleum products, such as Euro Premium BMB 95, Euro BMB 98, ULTRA D, and will have a wide range of non-fuel products at their disposal, as well. All benefits of the Super Kartica loyalty programme will also apply at this filling station.