Benefits for Purchasing NISOTEC Products by the End of August

August 1, 2017

All categories of customers will have a discount of 15 percent, while holders of specialised NIS cards – “Agro Card”, “Agro Payment Card” and “Taxi Card” will be entitled to a further 15-percent discount. Detailed information about the NISOTEC summer campaign run by 31 August is available at In addition to a list of discount products, this is where customers may find out about the entire range of NISOTEC products made from top-quality raw materials in cooperation with world-renowned producers of additives and base oils. The use of NIS NISOTEC lubricants helps to save fuel, ensures better engine corrosion protection and extends its useful life. The top quality of the products was also confirmed by the Grand Champion Trophy of this year’s International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad for the top quality of motor and hydraulic oils, seven grand prix gold medals and three gold medals for the quality of NISOTEC products.