Blic: Kravchenko – most powerful foreigner in Serbia

January 27, 2015

For six years in a row Mr. Kravchenko has been at the top of the 50 most powerful foreign citizens in our country As stated in the explanation of the Blic, Kirill Kravchenko has been heading the company since 2009, after Gazprom Neft became the strategic partner of the Government of Serbia, and the majority owner of NIS. Under this leadership, NIS became the most profitable company in Serbia. "Despite the negative macroeconomic trends in the country and the region as well as the declining petroleum price trend, in 2014 NIS managed to maintain its business stability, with continued investments and business development. Profitability was maintained as result of improving business efficiency at all levels, as well as cost reduction," reveals today's Blic, adding that last year was important for NIS as the company began producing and selling its own electricity, whereby in addition to EPS, it became the sole manufacturer in Serbia, delivering its electricity in the market. Respective rationale also shows that the investments made by NIS in 2014 amounted to about RSD 40 billion, and yet the company intends to invest as much in 2015. The second most powerful foreigner in Serbia, according to the ranking published by the Blic, is Heinz Wilhelm, German Ambassador to Serbia, while the third positioned is Ivica Todoric, owner of Agrokor, a Croatian Company.