CEO of NIS as the Most Powerful Foreigner in Serbia according to the survey of daily newspaper

February 8, 2016

Kirill Kravchenko for seven consecutive years has been ranking the first on the “50 most powerful foreigners in Serbia” list “Notwithstanding the global crude oil price plunge over the course of the recent year and a half, NIS operation remains steadily successful. The credit for this goes to its prudent management. The company has managed to maintain its profitability, while invariably allocating the most of all other businesses to the state coffers, in excess of 15 per cent to be precise. Other than that, NIS has not abandoned any of its strategic investment projects”, claims “Blic”, elaborating that last year the company continued the development of its business both in Serbia and in the region, along with uninterrupted funding of socially responsible projects. The rationale for bestowing this title yet again upon Kirill Kravchenko is that he has been the company’s chief executive since 2009, a period during which, NIS under his stewardship, out of a national gas and oil company emerged as a successful regional power generation holding. Kirill Kravchenko is the company’s chief executive since 2009 The second ranking in this list is Ivica Todorić, who owns the “Agrocor” concern, while Axel Dittmann, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Serbia occupies the third position.