City Center for Social Work in Belgrade receives the first Call center with NIS support

March 28, 2019

The realization and technical support for this project worth over 2.5 million RSD were provided by NIS as part of the “Together for the Community” program in cooperation with the City of Belgrade and the City Secretariat for social welfare. In this way, NIS continues its long-standing practice of providing support to the most sensitive categories of the population and improving its position in the partnership with representatives of The City of Belgrade. Representatives of The City of Belgrade, NIS, as well as of City Secretariat for social welfare were all present at the grand opening. Goran Vesić, Deputy Mayor of the City of Belgrade, thanked NIS for the realization of the project and emphasized the importance of opening the Call center for the citizens of Belgrade. “This is just part of a larger project which we have with NIS because in this way they show that they care about the community in which they work. Opening this center means that all users of the City Center can receive information regarding the legal rights which they are entitled to through the City Center for Social Work without any problems and at any time, which reduces crowds at the City Center, and makes it easier for them to get information on their rights”, said Vesić. Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS and Director of the Function for government relations and corporate communications, emphasized how good the cooperation between NIS and the City of Belgrade is, as well as the importance of supporting such projects. “ It is a privilege to do something good for the community and this is the permanent commitment of our company. I am especially proud of our cooperation with the City of Belgrade, which is entering its tenth year, and it is by realization of projects such as this one that we show it is possible to achieve good results by working together. Our company will continue to invest in and expand our cooperation with The City of Belgrade, but also to invest in the community in which we do our business”, Smirnov pointed out. Andreja Mladenović, Assistant to Mayor of the City of Belgrade, said that realization of this project is just part of cooperation which NIS and Belgrade have had for ten years as part of “Together for the Community” program. “A great deal of projects have been realized in cooperation with NIS for the past ten years, in which 210 million RSD have been invested - from culture, arts, social welfare, healthcare, ecology and sport to infrastructure. This tells you how great the participation of NIS is in social responsibility both to the City of Belgrade and to the environment in which they work”, said Mladenović. Nataša Stanisavljević from the Secretariat for Social Welfare stated that the City Center for Social Work is the first center of that kind in Serbia which has a call center and website adapted for disabled persons. “For us, it is most important that every person in Belgrade who needs the help and support by this system can receive information on the rights they are entitled to in an easy and simple way. Apart from that, through the Call center, citizens have direct communication with all 17 departments of the City Center for Social work. In this way, we have made the system of social welfare even more available to the citizens of Belgrade”. Realization of this project has enabled the City Center for Social Work in Belgrade to have a new form of communication with the citizens. Also, the citizens of Belgrade have gained an easier access to necessary information, as well as a faster and easier way to communicate with the department in the municipality where they live directly via a telephone call. By dialing 011 2650-542, citizens can receive information on legislation, regulations, procedures and the documentation necessary for exercising their rights and gaining services in the field of social welfare. As part of realization of the project, NIS also supported redesigning the website which has been adapted for disabled persons, which means that the contents are available in audio format.