Competition of professional drivers of NIS in Zrenjanin

October 14, 2019

This event, which was organized for the eighth year in a row as a part of company’s activities related to improvement of traffic safety, traffic accident prevention and improvement of traffic safety culture, gathered a record number of participants. Over 100 participants tested their skills of operating passenger and commercial vehicles and their knowledge of traffic rules. They demonstrated their skills at NIS driving ranges designed in accordance with EU standards to test the driver skills in various conditions of vehicle operation. The event included a competition in the skills of unloading “tubing”, production pipes used in the oil industry, and visitors also had a chance to try out training devices and driving simulators. As a new feature of the “Drivers Challenge”, a Water Challenge competition was held where commercial vehicle drivers tested their skills of operating commercial vehicles on narrow, spatially limited locations, and where they demonstrated their operating skills and precise positioning of vehicles under simulated working conditions of commercial vehicles. In addition to professional drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles and employees of NAFTAGAS-Transport, the competition was also attended by the representatives of the Serbian Army and subcontractors of NAFTAGAS-Transport, as well as amateur drivers. The same as last year, there was also a competition of women amateur drivers on a driving range. Apart from NIS employees, the event was also attended by the representatives of the Serbian Army, Traffic Police and other guests who also attended a display of company vehicles. As a company with a great number of vehicles which travel thousands of kilometres on a daily basis, NIS is one of the largest entities involved in traffic safety. Through theoretical testing and competition of drivers on a driving range, and thanks to its social aspect and competitive spirit, this event has placed a focus on drivers as the most important elements of traffic safety. Care for traffic safety is a permanent activity of the company. NIS aims to become a leader in this area, which is demonstrated by education, knowledge tests for professional drivers and company vehicle drivers, inspection and equipment of vehicles and continuous monitoring of vehicles (IVMS – In Vehicle Monitoring System). The result of long term dedication of the company to traffic safety is improvement of its employees’ driving skills and a constant reduction in the number of traffic accidents and offenses.