Confirmation of successful cooperation with the Faculty of Organisational Sciences

December 14, 2012

The Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Belgrade presented NIS with a letter of appreciation, thanking NIS on successful cooperation and a significant contribution to student's major achievements, and for the support in the development of the Faculty. On behalf of NIS, the letter was received by Dmitry Fomenko, the Director of Organisational Affairs at NIS, at the New Year's cocktail, party. The common interest of strategic partners, NIS and FOS, is to link the know-how and business and to inform students on the business processes while ensuring a better insight into the internship procedure. At the same time, the most successful students of FOS - the best faculty in Serbia, offering top quality education - shall receive the opportunity to build upon their education and continue their career at NIS. The partners arranged student internships at NIS, guest lectures by NIS experts, as well as assistance in preparation of research and graduate papers. Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation between NIS and FOS is in accordance with the Contract on Strategic Cooperation signed between NIS and the University of Belgrade two years ago.