Contemporary Physics Lab at Facility of Physics

October 10, 2014

The Lab will serve not only the students, but also the talented school children preparing for state-run and international physics competitions. With the adaptation of the Contemporary Physics Lab, the Faculty received new computers, a digital chronometer with photo-sensors, caliometres, Geissler tubes and other necessary equipment. The opening ceremony was attended by Andrey Shibanov, Deputy CEO of NIS, Snežana Lakićević, NIS’ Manger for Cooperation with Universities, Jablan Dojčilović PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Professor Ivanka Popović PhD, Vice-Rector of the Belgrade University, and numerous professors and students. "Cooperation with the Faculty of Physics is of extreme importance to us as we share the same commitment and energy that we’re investing in science development and the quality of university education in Serbia. For many years in a row, NIS has been investing in projects that are aimed at increasing the quality of education such as Knowledge Olympiads and equipping of classrooms and laboratories, and we also give scholarships to best students, because we believe that is the proper way to provide them with good education, but also the enthusiasm to work when they know that they have support," said Mr Shibanov. At the new Lab's opening ceremony, the Energy of Knowledge statues were awarded to the top-ranking contestants of the Serbian Physics Olympiad for Primary Schools. The opening ceremony was followed by the ceremony marking the Day of the Faculty, where Dean Jablan Dojčilović, PhD presented an Acknowledgement to NIS, which Snežana Lakićević received on behalf of the Company. Lab equipping is part of NIS’ corporate programme entitled Energy of Knowledge, which has been the framework for signing cooperation agreements with the Universities of Belgrade and Novi Sad as well as agreements with nearly 20 other faculties from the country's two largest Universities.