Continued Modernization of Oil Refinery Pancevo

February 26, 2016

A series of engineering and technical works will be performed on primary refining units – atmospheric and vacuum distillation, until 3 March, as well as on units for secondary processing – mild hydrocracking and hydro treatment plant (MHC/DHT), Nitrogen, Platforming units, and the unit for gas processing through which products of Euro 5 quality is being produced. Estimated value of these investment maintenance works is around RSD 30 million, and all these works will be performed in compliance with strict environmental and occupational safety standards. During this additional upgrade of refinery plants, market will be regularly supplied with all types of petroleum products. With continual modernization of the Oil Refinery in Pancevo, NIS has constantly upgraded its refining capacities. Further development of refining is one of key business priorities of NIS, which has the aim to confirm its leader's position at the regional market of petroleum products, delivering products which comply with the most demanding European standards.