Cooperation between NIS and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Extended

December 23, 2014

This is how the cooperation between NIS and the Ministry is going to be extended to involve training for scarce occupations, such as welders and workover rig and well personnel, who are in demand by the Company. Namely, the Ministry is going to support training of young people in these occupations, which will be followed by them getting a job at NIS as young experts. In addition, NIS is going to employ the Young Talent Foundation scholarship holders, who are going to do their Master and PhD studies at universities in EU and European Free Trade Association countries. The cooperation between NIS and the Ministry of Youth and Sports started in 2013 by the Company supporting the Young Talent Foundation, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry and by means of which the state helps gifted students from Serbia. Since then, NIS has employed 49 foundation scholarship holders, while many talented students have had an opportunity to complete their professional traineeship at the Company. “It is a great honour for NIS to be included in this agreement, which is a part of our strategy of investing in young people. Our cooperation is implemented in three modalities, the first one involving the employment of the Young Talent Foundation scholarship holders. We have already employed 50 young people at the company. This is a great success both for the company and Serbia. The second modality involves cooperation in the area of training for scarce personnel in demand both by NIS and this country, as these are universal occupations. The third and new modality of our cooperation involves a joint programme of young talent development beyond the borders of Serbia. NIS has already provided more than 20 scholarships for the education of Serbian students at prestigious oil and gas universities in the Russian Federation. This cooperation is now going to include development at European universities. It is our goal to bring the best back to Serbia, not only so that the country could overcome the downturn, but also so that it could prosper. Investment in young people will remain our company's main investment course,” Kirill Kravchenko stated. “We expect the project to gain momentum and include more young people next year, taking into consideration great recruitment needs of NIS. The cooperation which the Ministry of Youth and Sports has with NIS shows that having proper relations established with the business makes the employment of young people and career development in Serbia possible indeed,” said Minister Vanja Udovičić.