Cooperation between NIS and the University of Novi Sad continues

March 19, 2015

Kirill Kravchenko CEO of NIS and Radovan Pejanović, acting rector of the University of Novi Sad signed the Agreement on Strategic Cooperation The Agreement envisages guest lectures of NIS experts at the University, which will additionally stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the sectors of education and industry. NIS and the University of Novi Sad have been cooperating for six consecutive years now, focusing on the area of education, research and transfer of knowledge. NIS has opened three computer classrooms and a laboratory at the faculties of this University, initiating accreditation of the new study programme Industrial Engineering in Oil and Gas Exploitation at Mihajlo Pupin Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin. In addition, NIS is a member of the Fund for Scholarships and Stimulation of the Advancement of Gifted Students, as part of which it provides funds for scholarships to the best students of the University of Novi Sad. Since NIS is primarily interested in developing cooperation with the faculties of natural and technical science, the Company has in place separate memorandums of cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Science, the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, the Faculty of Technology, and Mihajlo Pupin Technical Faculty from Zrenjanin, all of which educate the staff in demand by the Company. NIS also has an outstandingly successful cooperation with the Academy of Arts.