Customer benefits at NIS Petrol filling stations

July 8, 2015

The action will last until 28 July 2015, and each customer buying a NISOTEC product in this period will receive a free sticker which they ought to put on their car and so become a potential winner of the award – a NIS Fuel Card in the amount of 50 litres of the most expensive fuel. The gift card will be given to the owner of a car with the pasted NISOTEC sticker who is the first to arrive at a petrol station specified in an announcement on the radio or the internet. The detailed mechanism of this benefit and a list of radio stations are available at the following website: The broad range of NISOTEC lubricants are produced from highest-quality raw materials in cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers of additives and base oils. NISOTEC products such as Favorit, Autoline, Autoglas and Antifriz have the highest sales in the market.