Customers Awarded NIS Petrol Stations for the Best Price to Quality Ratio

January 17, 2014

The chain of NIS petrol stations has won the first place according to the votes of the Serbian customers in the Best Buy Award survey, conducted by ICERTIAS (International Certification Association), a Swiss organization. The customers have recognized NIS petrol stations as a symbol of the best price to quality ratio in the domestic market, in the Best Buy Award survey conducted during the last quarter of the previous year involving the representative sample of the Serbian population aged above 15. The survey examined the opinion, level of satisfaction, and the perception of respondents exclusively based on their first-hand experience. NIS has the largest and the most widespread retail network in Serbia, comprising around 350 petrol stations, which operate under two brands: GAZPROM premium and NIS Petrol consumer brand. The Best Buy Award survey in Serbia included 57 different economic categories in the sectors such as petrol station chains, retail, food products, fruit juice selection, mineral water, home appliances, telecommunications, finances, and many others. The Best Buy Award medals have been awarded to a number of companies such as the Slovenian Telekom, Podravka, Dukat, Ledo, Lidl, as well as the international companies such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Baiersdorf, Dr Oetker, UniCredit Bank.