Dmitry Fomenko, Director for the Organizational Affairs in NIS, attending a Russian language class

April 14, 2013

Deputy CEO, Director of the Function for the Organizational Affairs, Dmitry Fomenko visited a Russian language class for primary school pupils, held in the “Russian centre” of “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” Gymnasium in Novi Sad. With some twenty youngsters, Fomenko discussed books, films, sport, their ambitions as well as our Company. The Headmaster of the Gymnasium, Radivoje Stojković PhD, and the Manager for Cooperation with Universities, Dr Snežana Lakićević, also attended the Russian language class. At the end of the class the pupils received ”Energy of Knowledge“ gift packages. On this occasion NIS Deputy Director , suggested the pupils to hold a class in the NIS Museum next Saturday and the children accepted this proposal with great enthusiasm. Fomenko promised to the children that he would provide for them a large number of animated films in Russian language in future, and that their friendship would continue.